Party Time

Our Spring Tea Party was held for the fourth year running at Totteridge Village Hall on Thursday 20th April and we entertained almost 40 guests with the assistance of our wonderful volunteers who washed up, drove, danced and generally made the party the success we all hoped for. Four games of Bingo were played with the Full House having the choice of Chocolates, a plant or a choice of the very lavish raffle prizes. 

All raffle prizes were given and the proceeds of the raffle were donated to The Marie Curie Fund. £151 was raised and this has been sent to Marie Curie. Our grateful thanks to all who supported this good cause.

Whatever else is planned tea time never comes round fast enough. Adriennne and her kitchen helpers produced plates of sandwiches (kindly donated by Goodwin Court), cake, tea, coffee. fruit, etc. which all disappeared very quickly.

Thank you to each and every one for being there and it is hoped that it was enjoyed by you all.