Edgware Hospital NRC

Our current activity at Edgware Hospital Neurological Rehabilitation Centre grew out of services at Marie Foster Centre Barnet and has been established since 2011. We act in concert with the Royal Free Hospital Volunteers and provide a quiz and tea on Tuesday afternoons and a coffee morning on Wednesdays. These activities bring together the current residents of the unit, the staff who join for a break and a loyal group of volunteers.

Some residents attend every week as they are often in the unit for long periods of time. Once they are able to move around in a wheelchair they do enjoy coming for the interaction as well as the activities. The patients are of all ages and some have lost their ability to readily recall information but for others the brain is working well. The quiz questions are not easy and the volunteers help those who cannot answer immediately, giving them clues and encouraging them to try to get the answer. We also congratulate those who have struggled but overtime improve. The biggest delight to the volunteers is watching one patient encouraging another. During the coffee morning, we also offer word puzzles, colouring in and other activities.

The group is enhanced by help from individuals who are previous patients from the centre, who understand the true value of the social interactions and want to help others experiencing the same challenges. These ex-patients want to help because they appreciate how much help they got from the sessions when they were patients.

Project Leader Lucia Christodoulides

 Registered Charity Number 1122265

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